„Anyone can do it!“

Plain text & power

Would you like to convey a clear message? Would you like to make a real impact and change things? Are you fed up with the same blah-blah and wish for a breeze of fresh air? Are you expecting straight talking, authenticity, and power? Then you have come to the right place.

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A) Future 4.0 – Those who run away, get eaten

The Keynote

How to bravely approach change and seize opportunities

Times have changed – that’s a fact!

The market works differently today than it did 10 years ago – that’s clear!

We must have a complete rethink – this too is obvious!

But if we are clear about this, why do we act the same way as 10 years ago? Why are we finding it so difficult to manage change? Exactly! We never learned how. But we should. Because with the mindset approach of the past we will brutally fail in the future 4.0 – the same way we would not succeed to find a telephone booth within a 2-mile radius


  • Why we find changes so hard to manage, and how we can change that going forward

  • Why we keep betting on the same losing horse by trying to change circumstances instead of changing ourselves

  • How you can let go of old experiences and open up to completely new ones

  • How to stop running away from challenges and obstacles and start boldly approaching them

  • How you can recognize opportunities of the future and take them

  • How to stop foreseeing problems and overthinking them and how you can find solutions instead


The Keynote

Good times back in the day! When products had unique selling points and businesses could use expertise, money or power to gain the competitive advantage. But the USP is over. And when the horse is dead, you get off.

If everything is changing, we can’t stand still. Consumers buy differently today than they did 10 years ago. The market works differently than it did 10 years ago. And the world is moving faster and faster. The question is: Can we keep up? Are we up to date, or are our mindsets, sales and positioning strategies keeping us stuck in the past?


  • What competencies will really be in future demand, and why it’s time to say goodbye to classic consulting

  • Why the USP has run its course, and how you can secure your unique market position with the UPP

  • Why it’s not the product bait that decides who buys, but the emotional bait

  • Why the sales talk of the future is no longer plannable, and how we can still prepare for it

  • How to go from being an information broker 2.0 to a relationship tuner 4.0.

C) Awaken the Doer within you – let others fail to act

The Keynote

I’d love to, but…”. Maybe, at some point, this thought has also crossed your mind.

We believe we cannot change anything about a situation. I used to think the same but now I know success is not a question of favorable circumstances, and it has nothing to do with luck or talent. I’m a prime example for the effectiveness of a different formula. Success is primarily a question of taking action and “doing it right.”


  • Why we mostly use only 50% of our potential and how you can activate the rest

  • How to reprogram your autopilot when it hinders you

  • How to turn fear into courage

  • How to finally launch what you want to accomplish rather than keep putting it off

  • How to stop placing the blame elsewhere and delegating responsibility but instead put yourself into the driver’s seat

  • Why waiting and trying to avoid mistakes will always make you flash past your true potential and how you can, in the future, put all your horsepower onto the road

  • Why it makes no sense nowadays to expect security and how to deal successfully with uncertainty