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“Circumstances are never the reason we fail; it all just depends on how we deal with them.”

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How will we become really successful? How will we achieve our (sales) goals? But please without any “tchaka” junk or flat pretentions! I answer precisely these questions in my seminars, books and lectures. Again, and again I experience that we use circumstances and framework conditions to either explain success or blame them for failure. “It didn’t work, because …”

From personal experience, I know these appear to be the obvious reasons, but usually, this is not the reality. With a closing ratio of 1:2, I was one of the most successful real estate sales reps at a time when interest rates were at a 7% high. No favorable circumstances helped me, nor was it a coincidence and, at the time, I was certainly no sales celebrity either. I was not better than the others, but I had the sheer will to succeed and followed my own completely different sales strategy.

The first time I was broke at the age of 30, the second time happened in my late thirties. My employers had gotten into financial difficulties, ceased to pay my commission, and I slipped with them into misery. Of course, you can call this bad luck. But that was not all. Sure, it was a stupid situation to be in, but nobody forced me to stay put. I had tons of other options but did not see them at the time.

Today, 7 years later, I am one of the most successful motivational speakers in the German-speaking world, I am co-founder of Carinthia’s 1st Start-up Academy, author of five books, a sought-after expert in the media and so on. This did not happen due to favorable circumstances – I can imagine better starting conditions than two bankruptcies. How I dealt with these circumstances was the deciding factor for my success. And this is the most important thing I have learned in my life:

“Circumstances are never the reason we fail; it rather all depends on how we deal with them”

– Katja Porsch

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