“SUCCESS can be learned
in the same way as Maths,
German and Physics!”

“Katja is an absolute do-queen and a dream-doer! She empowers so many people around the globe to become doers in their lives! She is a powerful speaker, leader, and inspiration!”

ELLE BALLARD, Founder of Women of the World Network

Almost everybody wants to be successful, rather in his financial live, his business live or in his private live. Almost everybody tries not to fail.
And what happens? I lot of us fail. I lot of us are waiting and hoping for more success, for more money, for mor happiness and more freedom. But they don’t achieve. WHY?

It took time, but today I know the answer. We are always fall into the same three traps:

1. We look at the wrong place for success: outside
But success is inside of everyone of us. We are success!

2. We hope that success will come into our live. But it won´t, we have to grab it. We have to take action. We have to do it.

3. We think we must try harder, when we fail. But instead trying more, we have to change our path.

There are three steps, that guide you to your dream –


on a direct way:

Katja has come to America to set dreamers free by turning them into DOERs of their life goals.
Rachel McCord, Super Model/Empowerment Speaker/Television Personality

Doing means, taking action. Doing means, training.

Are you ready to become the DREAMDOER of your life?

Do you want to train with me?

Decide, which training you want to join:

1. Become a dreamdoer within 20 days

This workbook gives you the best strategies, lesson and impulses and guides you to your goal within 20 days.


2. DREAMDOER-Bootcamp

What is the best and most effective way to workout? When do we get the best results? Right, when we have a personal trainer who

  • Guides us
  • Challenges us
  • Correctes us

And empowers us to be the best we ever can be.
Let me be your personal trainer. Let’s train together for two days!

After this two days

  • You will know the precisely path, how you bring your professional, private and relationship success to the next level
  • You will have found your WHY, your passion and your true calling
  • You will be the version of yourself you ever could be. You will know how to awaken all your potential, how to increase it, how to get the best out of yourself and how to never let yourself get stopped by the others.
  • You will be empowered and full of courage. We will learn how to never let yourself be stopped by other people, setbacks and any social norms.
  • You will have found your UPP (Unique Personal Proposition). We will know what really makes you unique and how to make yourself the best brand you can be.


Are you ready for change? Do you really want to go for your dreams? Are ready, for get your dreams done?

Then you are the right place right now. It doesn’t matter where you are at the moment. It is important that you know where you want to go.

No read knowledge, no cheer up, no theoretical phrases and senseless blah-blah. You get the most valuable thing I have: My self experienced know-how! From my life to your life.
I share with you my most important secrets, that guided me from my broke to one the the most successful motivational speakers. That guided me from a overwighted, shy and frustrated women to the successful, married and happy person who I am today. That guided me from a day dreamer to a DREAMDOER.

The future belongs to DREAMDOERS!

Because DOERS are


riven by vision
















eleased from Fear


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“Katja has come to America to set dreamers free by turning them into DOERs of their life goals”

Rachel McCord, Super Model / Empowerment Speaker / Television Personality

Customer Testimonials

”What an insight that I can arrive from MUST-DO-IT to WANT-TO-DO-IT by being grateful for what I have, how I can live, and how carefree my days are. Thank you for raising my awareness. My goodness, what a revelation.

Doris Mitterbacher, self-employed

“You get straight to the point, and as a result, I immediately understand what you mean. What’s even better: your personal stories help me realize where I go wrong myself, which I was only guessing before.”

Stephanie-Carolin Ahrens, self-employed mentor


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“Thank you for your clear words, which have opened my inner subconscious.”

Moos Lisa, self-employed

“Today was very interesting. Very impulsive. It delivered many inspirations and food for thought. And it was entertaining, and I would attend again. I had a lot of fun with the people, with Katja. Simply great!”

“It was lovely! Wonderfully presented! And I take much away with me. I’m very content!”


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“I so enjoyed your speech at Secrete Knock Women in Southern California. You are such an incredible inspiration about how to deal with loss, and yet have the courage, determination, strength, power, fearlessness to not giving in and proving that “Everything” is possible when we work on our mindset and never ever stop dreaming big.”

Hedda Adler

“I have completed the first 5 days and have now decided to actually do the 30 day power program. I’m more of a rational, cautious type (maybe I was) who thinks carefully and wants to take action when everything is already gone … The first 5 days of the program have changed something in me and I notice a positive change in me. The thought, that if you want something you can find ways to get it instead of finding reasons for not wanting it is constantly in my mind and I am looking for ways now!”

Andree Schwieder

“Great! Brilliant! I like Katja’s style. I had the opportunity to meet her in Kiel. I have just said to Peter: “I have come to Berlin today because I wanted to collect a good kick in my backside, which I urgently need again.” I require new impulses again, which I received here today. I simply love Katja’s style, and she has such an extraordinary life story with which I associate and share a lot. It was a great event. I take home with me some great stuff.”

“Who is this Katja Porsch? Speaker, Author, Success-Expert. Awaken the DOER within you! And for me, she is our coach giving us speaker-training, which is soon coming to an end.  I must pay Katja an enormous compliment because she literally got a grip on me and moved me almost to tears. She can suss you out very quickly and gives her all in such training courses. She is the ideal seminar facilitator. If you consider taking part in a seminar: I sincerely recommend you do this with Katja Porsch.”

Margit Heuser

Are you ready to finally start your career and achieve your goals?
Then awaken the DOER within you!

The official seminar:
“Awaken the Doer within you!”

During a one-day LIVE workshop, I will demonstrate how you can

Awaken the DOER within

Survive in the Future 4.0 

Create your inner power

Get people to buy YOU – not your products

Own your life – stop getting owned

And finally that success is simple – it’s a decision!