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To the YouTube channel

Katja Porsch


and with that she hits the heart


she moves instead of just informing


she creates images because words disappear


she conveys your messages and not always the same gravy

Katja Porsch knows how to reach the top and she knows how to overcome setbacks successfully

  • 50,000 acquisition talks: cold, from the phone book
  • 25,000 survived no’s
  • 7,000 sales talks
  • Conclusion rates of 1:1.5, and thus among Germany’s top sellers
  • 2 bankruptcies and 2 come-backs
  • 3 Books
  • 900 seminars and lectures in front of more than
  • 30,000 participants

Her credo:

Who runs away will be eaten!

Her 6 most important messages

  1. let go of the past
    • The traditional consultant is dead
    • Traditional leadership no longer works
    • Companies that define themselves by their product are busted by the competition
  2. be ready for change
    • Employees with fear of change lead to death
    • If you rest on your laurels, you pesent yourself for shoot-down
    • Relying on experience is bulding on sand
  3. have the courage to fail
    • Whoever is afraid of mistakes, makes the biggest one
    • Who expects security, will get uncertainty
    • Those who never leave their comfort zone never reach their full potential
  4. take over responsibility
    • Only those who are in the driver´s seat determine the direction
    • Success is never a question of circumstances. The difference is what you make of them
    • He who blames others, gives power to others
  1. act!
    • Get yourself, your team or your company fit for the challenges
    • No more “Yes, but” – From Problems to Solutions
    • Away from a zero-defect culture and creeping to responsibility, courage and self-confidence
    • No more frustration and demotivation, but identification, inner drive and fighting spirit
    • No more fear of change, but agility and courage to tackle things
    • Instead of marionettes and underlings, agile personalities
    • Charismatic leaders instead of executives
    • Influencers instead of informing consultants
    • From USP to UPP (Unique Personal Proposition)
    • No more comparability and replaceability: from product to WHY
    • From fading interchangeability to uniqueness and attraction
  2. Do not wait for the right time, cause it’s NOW!


Life is not a summer picknic, but success can be planned.

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Customer comments

„An interesting and educational lecture – the presentation was competent, loosening and interesting – I have rarely attended such a good presentation.“
– Kathrin Senn –
Bodensee Media centrum
„Katja Porsch: For me, one of the fascinating new faces in the market.
Compelling, convincing, authentic!“
– Andreas Buhr –
go! Academy
„This was one of the best presentation on the topic of sales (of course on the topic of sales etc.). Practically relevant and very lively presented – compliment.”
– Günter Apeltauer –
General empowerment Volksbank Neckartal