” Defining yourself over products or services is like pushing the self-destruct button…
The USP is dead.”

When was the last time you stood in a telephone booth to make a phone call? Those times are long gone. And the times when customers purchased products are also over. Today, customers buy something else.

Everything is changing faster and faster. What is current and trendy today will be an “old hat” tomorrow and no longer relevant.

In the past, exclusive products and unique selling points would persuade a customer to buy. If you owned the superior product, you would have the power and hence win the customer.

The situation nowadays is different. Products and services are and will be ever more interchangeable and comparable, and innovation continues to be short-lived. The product advantage will dissolve; if you define yourself over products or services, you are pushing the self-destruct button. The USP is dead.

– Katja Porsch

Unique Personal proposition

UPP instead of USP

Continuing to rely on our products and the USP will put us into the precise same price war we want to avoid in the first place. Instead of putting our trust into comparability, we should focus on uniqueness.

If we can no longer score with our product, then all that remains is the option to utilize our relationships. Instead of the USP, we need the UPP (Unique Personal Proposition).

The question “What is my product?” is no longer the main focus but instead, we explore “What is my story?! We no longer concentrate on facts but on emotions. And rational arguments are no longer sought after, but we want to hear personal convictions. Information is no longer in demand, instead, we look for relationships. “What can I offer?” has ceased to be the deciding question and has been replaced by “Why am I here?”.

Regardless of whether companies, self-employed people, sales reps, or consultants: we all must strive to no longer be seen as service providers and product suppliers, but our “personalities” must become visible. It is no longer relevant what the product is but what a product can do.

The Keynote

From the USP to the UPP: If all you do is selling, you won’t sell anything.

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