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Wenn Dir das Leben in den Hintern tritt, tritt zurück

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Nothing can stop us, except our own selves
And I know what I am talking about. Life has often really kicked me in the butt. A few times I was at the brink of giving up. But I have learned that it is worth it, to stand up again. That it is worth, not giving up. And I have learned, that we cannot change the circumstances, but what we make of them.

Get what you want and what you have earned
As a youngster I was extremely shy. I was afraid of strangers, never wanted to be the centre of attention and would have definitely never thought of approaching strangers. A few years later I was one of the strongest seller in cold calls. Today I stand in front of 1000 of people and love to be the centre of attention. Success can be learned. And for everyone. We are born with everything we need to be successful. We just forget about it in the course of our life- by society, surrounding, our school system, and our own prudence. Successful people don’t have any different genes or talents, they are only differently hard wired.

Why failure is part of success
The fear of failing or the fear of something going wrong, is the biggest hindrance in the way of success. We couldn’t have learned to walk if we weren’t ready to fall. And without the readiness of falling, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Failures are an essential part of life and success, like oxygen is to breathe. If we want to be successful, we first need to have the courage to make mistakes.

Its only 15 steps…

Experience how in only 15 steps, which changes, which concrete steps and which equipment you need to get what you want. You will learn how to not be beaten by setbacks and unfavourable conditions. And learn how to kick back, when life kicks you in the butt.

…kick back!

Release date 01.12.2016
Publication Goldegg Verlag
Language German
Pages 250
Price 19,95 Euro
Pre-orderable, available in every store under ISBN 978-3903090811 or
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