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“SUCCESS can be learned in the same way as Maths, German and Physics!”

At 25, with my Porsche parked in front of my home, I would have laughed it off, if someone had told me: “Katja, you will go bankrupt twice during your lifetime!” And, if someone had informed me, while I was broke: “Katja, eventually you will belong to the top motivational speakers in Germany and write 5 books!” I would have roared with laughter and not believed it either.

Actually, my life began quite normal. I chose the same path as many others: finished school – started university with the prospect to get a regular job. But eventually I reached the point where I wondered if this was all…I dropped out of university and started working in sales doing acquisition.

Suddenly, I, who was shy and insecure and barely dared to call the delivery service, arrived at sales.

However, this was one of the best decisions in my life. Here, in sales, I was forced to leave my comfort zone, and I discovered that there was much more potential in me than I could have ever imagined.

And most of all I discovered that we always have a chance to accomplish our dreams as long as we give it a try, as long as we give it a go and do it. And this “doing it” we often find challenging, but we can learn it.

 Katja Porsch

The future belongs to the doers!

Because DOERS

never keep putting off their goals and dreams but achieve them

know the mechanisms of success and apply them daily

are not discouraged by doubts and unfavourable circumstances but tackle these

know how to defeat self-doubt and become courageous and self-confident

Customer Testimonials

”What an insight that I can arrive from MUST-DO-IT to WANT-TO-DO-IT by being grateful for what I have, how I can live, and how carefree my days are. Thank you for raising my awareness. My goodness, what a revelation.

Doris Mitterbacher, self-employed

“You get straight to the point, and as a result, I immediately understand what you mean. What’s even better: your personal stories help me realize where I go wrong myself, which I was only guessing before.”

Stephanie-Carolin Ahrens, self-employed mentor

“Thank you for your clear words, which have opened my inner subconscious.”

Moos Lisa, self-employed

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“Awaken the Doer within you!”

During a one-day LIVE workshop, I will demonstrate how you can immediately take control of your own life. After the seminar, you will never again allow yourself to fall behind others but will accomplish your goals without hesitation.