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“The future belongs to the Doers.”

DOER-mindset & sales turbo

Future 4.0 – we are no longer waiting, but it is already happening: the future, with all its changes, has arrived. Information now doubles within 24 hours. While it used to be knowledge, know-how, and experience that enabled employees to progress, today it depends on how they manage change. Not the one with the best know-how wins the customer, but the one who uses know-how to his best advantage. Not the most experienced one gets the turnover, but the one who makes the most out of his experiences. “Doing it” is the new knowledge. And we first must learn how to deal with this.

Transforming employees into DOERS


Do you have a clear message you would like to convey? Would you like to set things in motion and change something? Are you fed up with the same blah-blah and yearn for a breeze of fresh air? If you also demand straight-talking, authenticity, and power, then you have come to the right place.

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Would you lastingly like to change your team’s mindset?
Would you like to create a spirit of optimism and courage?
Would you like to switch from problem to solution mode?
Whatever it is that you would like to change, whether
> Views
> Behavior
> Turnover
> Structures

It all starts with the mindset: I experience again and again that companies change their structures but somehow allow the mindset of the individuals involved to fall by the wayside. The result is frustration, lost turnover, wasted resources, missed opportunities, etc.
The best and latest software will serve no purpose if no one is using it.

The DOER-Day will support you in making changes, getting the most out of your team and in actively moving into the future.

1 goal – 1 day – 1 theme – the best speakers for each topic

> a self-contained concept with one purpose: to achieve your goal
> depending on the topic, we choose the best and most suitable speakers
> you choose the topic, we implement it
> the format: alternating impulses and workshops
> duration: 3h – 1 day

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The DOER Night – the event format of the future

It used to be quite simple: if you had the expertise and knowledge, you would get your hands on the cookies jar. Those with the best products secured the most sales. But these times are long gone. Comprehensive information is available anytime and everywhere, products and services are and will be ever more interchangeable and comparable. It is getting more and more challenging to find and retain customers. Today, not the one with the most know-how or the best product is the winner but the one with the best customer relationship. In the end, not those with the most customers on file are making the highest turnover, but the ones who are skilled enough to take full advantage of their customer relationships.

The DOER Night will support you to strengthen existing relationships and create new ones. Invite your customers and partners and offer them a very special highlight. An evening full of inspiration, expertise, power, fun and sustainability.

The speakers are absolute hidden champions who differ from the “old familiar” faces and have certainly something to say. The result is professional speaking at the highest level. Depending on the topic and target group, we put together the appropriate speakers for you. The DOER-Night is a self-contained concept in which the message and the contents are individually adapted, coherent, highly motivating, sustainable, and immediately implementable.

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